How to complete the registration of Company and NGOs?

Published in Mar 12, 2022 IN News

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How to complete the clearance and registration of NGOs?

You do service work through the organization and have been doing it for several days. Now the question is how this organization will complete the government approved registration.
Note that if you want the organization to be limited to a specific area, you can register with the Department of Social Services. And if the whole of Bangladesh wants to do the work, then the registration has to be done from the Joint Stock Company under the Society Registration Act.
First of all you have to fix a name of the organization. The name must end with the word Foundation or Society. The name of the organization must be submitted to the Joint Stock Company. Fee has to be paid through bank for name clearance.
A Board of Directors should be formed which should be at least seven members or not, eleven or thirteen members but must be of odd number. Names of all members of the Board of Directors. All documents including address, voter ID card must be submitted to the Joint Stock Company.
The organization should have a constitution in which the goals, objectives, activities of the organization and other issues should be well mentioned and the positions of the various responsible persons of the board of directors should be mentioned. Once the constitution is finalized, all the documents along with the prescribed fee have to be submitted to the joint stock company for registration.
After submission, the joint stock company will send the paperwork to NSI for verification and selection. The NSI will inspect the agency's office and meet with the agency's committee and ask them to submit the required documents. The government will not issue a certificate if there is an objection to the NSI report. And if there is no objection, then the certificate of the company can be obtained.
And in this way you can do the desired registration of the organization. And once the registration is done, no one else will be able to do any organization in the name of your organization. In addition, you will be able to enjoy the various facilities provided by the government and you will be able to manage the activities of your organization in a formal way.

How to complete of the registration company?

This is the first step in registering an organization. The purpose is to find out if an organization has already been registered under the proposed name of the organization to be registered, so that no more than one organization is registered under the same name. Name clearance is an essential document of company registration. Entrepreneurs have to apply with RJSC to get clearance of name of that company before registering any new company (excluding foreign company).
The prescribed fee for name clearance has to be submitted to the designated bank. The rjsc name clearance for any one of the proposed names on the condition that it does not match or be similar to any name already registered, licensed or applied after receiving the clearance application and the prescribed fee.
Exemption in the name of the Society is valid for 180 days. In this, application for registration, necessary documents and fees have to be submitted. Otherwise the name clearance is canceled. Name clearance is not required for registration of foreign companies. The private limited company that registers has all the benefits. Such as bank loans, getting project loans, in case of social status, benefits in supply or tender application, benefits in getting investment from individuals or other companies, in case of international identity, in case of doing business with respect across the country etc.
To register a company, only 2 people need photo, signature, NID and TIN. For the past 24 years, I have been advising you on the development work of companies, partnership firms and NGOs and other social organizations to make your entrepreneurial life successful and fruitful.

How to complete of the registration NGOs ?

Prepare the required documents before NGOs Application :
1. Resolution of the general committee for NGO`s application; 2. Registration certificate or certificate of incorporation; 3. A declaration of the constitution has no contradiction of NGO`s act and rules; 4. Constitution or article of association & memorandum of association; 5. Bio-data of the members of general committee; 6. National ID card of the member of general committee; 7. Approved list of General Committee; 8. Approved list of Executive Committee; 9. Organogram of the organization; 10. Rental agreement and ownership deed of head office; 11. Organization Expansion policies; 12. Last year consolidated Audit report of all programs; 13. Proposed Project Profile of organization; 14. Beneficiaries data register book; 15. Previous work report of the organization; 16. Register attendance book and cash book; 17. Organization Profile; 18. Commitment letter of Donation; 19. Bank Receipt of Application Fee.

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