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Help Desk Service

We are Commitment to work for the welfare of the country and the people

Help Desk Service is a voluntary work project for the welfare of the people. Many private, voluntary, social welfare, company, cooperative society, NGOs, organizations in Bangladesh are run on the initiative of like-minded social workers. Committed to health care and family planning, legal aid, mother and child care. There are many experiences. All staff are experienced in performing their duties and responsibilities perfectly. There is an executive committee and a general committee. The Executive Director of the Executive Committee is responsible for the overall management of "Human Health Care". Decentralized participation in the implementation of the program takes participatory management measures. The Executive Committee selects companies, co-operative societies, NGOs, organizations to formulate policies and implement programs. Appropriate for the implementation and management of the overall program led by all the policies of the Executive Committee. The management of each level is advised and encouraged to adopt creative solutions. The authorities of their respective organizations conduct "Human Health Care" activities through the initiative, independence and participation of their employees.